Android/iOS Wallpapers

This wallpaper is a stylized painting of the fireworks at Disney World, Epcot.
A sample of the mobile wallpapers available at Disney.

Here’s a fun link if you like trying out new wallpapers for your phone: Disney-themed wallpapers for desktops/laptops/mobile resolutions/. And another page full of wallpapers here. There’s quite a lot of wallpapers in these links, enough to have a new wallpaper every month!

I love changing out my phone’s wallpapers periodically – it makes the phone seem fresher and newer. It’s also a great ice-breaker in meetings: something random to talk about while meeting new people.

Google Offering Rival Browsers On Android For EU Users

From the history-repeats-itself department: to comply with an EU antitrust ruling, Google will offer EU Android users the option to use a different browser (other than Android Chrome) and a different search engine (other than Google). This PC Magazine article has some interesting pictures demonstrating the option screens: .

For those of you that remember tech history, the European Commission required Microsoft to show a “ballot screen” to European customers back in 2010, allowing them to select a different default web browser than Internet Explorer: .