Android/iOS Wallpapers

This wallpaper is a stylized painting of the fireworks at Disney World, Epcot.
A sample of the mobile wallpapers available at Disney.

Here’s a fun link if you like trying out new wallpapers for your phone: Disney-themed wallpapers for desktops/laptops/mobile resolutions/. And another page full of wallpapers here. There’s quite a lot of wallpapers in these links, enough to have a new wallpaper every month!

I love changing out my phone’s wallpapers periodically – it makes the phone seem fresher and newer. It’s also a great ice-breaker in meetings: something random to talk about while meeting new people.

Listening To Music Offline With Google Drive

Do you need to transfer text/music/pictures from your desktop/laptop PC to your iPhone? Do you need these files available to look/listen to even when your iPhone can’t get a signal?

I frequently need to transfer audio files/music from my laptop and listen to them on my iPhone, even in areas that don’t have cell reception. Fortunately, Google Drive offers the ability to mark files as available offline – to download the files to the iPhone’s local memory so they’re available at all times.

To do this, first use your PC to upload files to Google Drive. Then on the iPhone, open up the Google Drive app, find the audio file, and click on the three period symbol (inside the purple box) below:

Google Drive iOS app. Click on the three dot symbol.

A context menu will pop up below:

Google Drive file context menu.

Use your finger to pull the menu up (towards the top of your phone). You’ll see the full menu. Where it says Available Offline, pull the switch to the right until you see blue.

Use the available offline switch to mark the file as available at all times.

You’re done! A prompt should show up, where Drive acknowledges the offline request:

The notice that pops up when the file will be available offline.

To make sure the file is fully downloaded, leave the Google Drive app open a moment before you close it out.