For New Engineers, A Reminder…

I find that many new software engineers are nervous when they start a new job – there’s always so much to learn: every software company does things a little differently or possibly radically differently than the “best” practices taught at university. It’s good to take a step back and remember that everybody messes up once in a while.

I was quite amused today when browsing HN and saw this article: I shipped a word processor that formatted the hard drive every 1024 saves. It links to a Twitter thread reproduced below: (Click image below to expand).

A twitter thread where a programmer discusses a bug wherein a word processor overwrote the hard drive's master boot record with garbage, making the computer unable to boot.

Everyone makes mistakes – the important thing is to be able to learn from them. If you’re a new intern or software engineer, my advice to you is to ask lots of questions: in my experience, people don’t mind asking questions as long as the questions show that you’re growing and learning.