Writing Files To Google Cloud Storage

Writing a file to Google Cloud Storage is easy in Java. All you need is the Google Cloud Storage library.

The following code writes a file into GCS. Bucket represents the name of the Cloud Storage bucket, object represents the filename, mime represents the MIME type, and data represents a byte array with the contents of the file you’re writing.

    String bucket = "your_bucket_name";
    String object = "file_name_here_including_extension";

    GcsFilename gcs_filename = new GcsFilename(bucket, object);
    //File Options
    GcsFileOptions.Builder options_builder = new GcsFileOptions.Builder();
    options_builder = options_builder.mimeType(mime);
    GcsFileOptions options = options_builder.build();       
    GcsOutputChannel output = GcsServiceFactory.createGcsService().createOrReplace(gcs_filename, options);

Remember to set bucket permissions in Google Cloud Storage so your app can access the files.