Sending Mail With Golang

Previously I published a Java code example using the low level Mail API to send a message to the registered admins of an application. Here’s sample code for a Golang application to send mail to app admins. C stands for an appengine.Context reference.

If you want to send mail to an arbitrary user, and not an admin, you can uncomment the To line and change SendToAdmins() to Send().

application_id := appengine.AppID(c)
separation_point := strings.Index(application_id, ":")
if separation_point > -1 {
    application_id = application_id[separation_point:]

//Create the message struct
msg := &mail.Message{
    Sender:  "donotreply@" + application_id + "",
    //To:    []string{"To-User <[email protected]>"},
    Subject: subject,
    Body:    email_body,
c.Infof("Sending message: %v", msg)

//Send an email to admins
err := mail.SendToAdmins(c, msg)
if err != nil {
    c.Errorf("Unable to send email: %v", err)