Bulk Adding Headers To An URL Fetch Request

A quick code example: how to easily add headers to an URL Fetch request.

First, create a java.util.Hashtable:

Hashtable<String, String> request_headers;
request_headers = new Hashtable<String, String>();

Put the headers you want into this hashtable. The keys and values of this hashtable will become the header names and values in the fetch request.

When you’re configuring the URL Fetch request, use the code below to add in all the headers:

Enumeration<String> set_header_keys = request_headers.keys();
while (set_header_keys.hasMoreElements()) {
    String key = set_header_keys.nextElement();
    String value = request_headers.get(key);
    connection.setRequestProperty(key, value);

The connection variable represents a java.net.HttpURLConnection object.