Geolocating A Tweet In Java

Here’s a demonstration of how to use the twitter4j library to post a tweet and set a location from where it was posted.

This example requires a twitter4j.twitter object (the twitter variable) to be preconfigured with authentication tokens. Replace the text Orlando, FL with a string describing the user’s location, and the GPS coordinates with your user’s coordinates.

    StatusUpdate status = new StatusUpdate(tweet_text);
     * We'll add location information for this tweet. 
     * Here, we tell Twitter that this tweet was made from Orlando, FL.
     * The GPS coordinates here are for Walt Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park.
    status.placeId("Orlando, FL");
    GeoLocation geolocate = new GeoLocation(28.355269, -81.559390);
    //And finally, post this tweet.
    try {
    catch (TwitterException e) {
        System.err.println("Problem accessing Twitter. Exception message: " + e.getMessage());

Remember the appropriate import:

import twitter4j.*;